1. Peter Power
  2. Gottlieb Scheppert
    Berlin, Germany
  3. Steffen Ki Medicine Music
    Costa Rica
  4. Marco Tegui
  5. Thommie G
    Haarlem, Netherlands
  6. Gerra G
    Curitiba, Brazil
  7. feinheitsbrei
    Dresden, Germany
  8. Anton Feine
    Berlin, Germany
  9. Franca
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  10. KR∆UT
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  11. Nadav Dagon
  12. Anselmus
    Berlin, Germany
  13. Mia Lunis aka Burkamina
    São Paulo, Brazil
  14. Aio
    Leipzig, Germany
  15. Señora
    Barcelona, Spain
  16. ElPeche
    São Paulo, Brazil
  17. Derrok
    Santiago, Chile
  18. Gusanito Discos
  19. Paul Traeumer
  20. KlangDruide
    Berne, Switzerland
  21. Daniel Zuur
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  22. Chris Brid
    Aachen, Germany


Hug Records Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hug Records is a social music label based in Amsterdam. We provide pleasure hugs to your ears and financial hugs to social projects.
Each artist decides themselves how much money goes towards our social partner Love Foundation. The minimum donation is 50% and the remainder is divided equally between Hug Records and the artist.
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